Your Sony guarantee: what you need to know

Sony product needs a repair? Find out if it’s covered under the guarantee..

General Sony guarantees:

These last for 1 year and cover TVs, videos, Hi-Fis, cameras, car stereos and other audio visual products.

If you need a repair, you have to show your original purchase documents. If you don’t have these, you will have to pay for any repairs.

Some other products, such as lamps, projectors and batteries have a limited warranty. To find out more, see the general Sony guarantee conditions

What’s not covered under guarantee?

You are not covered for damage caused by:

  • humidity
  • the product being dropped
  • lighting
  • the product being used in the wrong way

For more information, read the general Sony guarantee conditions

Damaged caused in one of these ways? Don’t worry, you can still get your Sony product repaired – you just need to pay a fee. Read more about repair prices and your options

Please enter your model number to access the guarantee documentation

The information is model dependant

European Guarantee Information Document.

Guarantee terms for tablets

Read the full guarantee terms.

Read the guarantee card

serVIPlus: the extended warranty

This is a 5-year warranty with the same conditions as general Sony warranty conditions

If you need a repair, you have to show your serVIPlus warranty certificate.

Want to get a serVIPlus warranty? You need to apply within 3 months of buying your Sony product.

Ask your Sony dealer, or read more about serVIPlus


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