Spare parts: Granting your product a second chance

Spare parts can give you the opportunity to grant your favourite Sony product a second life. Rather than having to purchase a brand new product, you can often solve a problem by replacing a damaged part of your product. Depending on your warranty status, you can take the following routes:

If your product is IN WARRANTY

If your product is within warranty, we kindly ask you to use our contact page to get in touch with one of our agents.
They will assist you in getting your product repaired by experienced professionals.

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If your product is OUT OF WARRANTY

When your product is out of warranty, acquiring spare parts and fixing your product becomes your decision. Even if your product is out of warranty, don’t hesitate to contact our approved partner (EET Europarts) or our Authorized Service Centers to acquire the part(s) you wish to replace yourself.

Sony Electronics: EET Europarts

Alternatively, if your product is out of warranty, you can always get your product repaired for a fee in one of our Authorized Services Centers

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Of course, any purchases made from third parties will be subject to the seller’s terms and conditions. Please check the seller for further details. Sony bears no responsibility for the content of third party websites or purchases made from third parties. Depending on your product, it is possible that spare parts are (currently) unavailable.

If you are looking for spare parts from Playstation or Sony Professional products, please visit the respective websites by choosing an option below.