SD Card Replacement Programme

If you believe your SD-card is affected:

  1. Enter your details
  2. Upload 2 clear pictures of your product (front & back)
  3. Our qualified customer support agent will validate the picture you send us and will confirm whether your SD-card is affected or not. If your product is not affected we will let you know as well.
  4. If your card is confirmed as being affected, you will receive an instruction e-mail with return labels to ship us the defective product.
  5. After we received and validated your SD-card, you will receive a replacement.

IMPORTANT: Don't combine multiple cards in one claim. If you own more than one potentially affected SD Card, please submit one exchange request per card. You will receive a return label for each claim. Use them to send each card separately.

Please fill-in your details using the below form:

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I hereby confirm that I am submitting this exchange request for ONE SD Card only, and will file additional separate claims for other potentially affected SD Cards I own. *