Warranty Checker

How it works:

  • Our warranty checker only includes our consumer electronics products, such as our TVs, Audio & Video devices, Sony Mobile and Cameras & Camcorders.
  • PlayStation and accessories are not included.
  • We calculate warranty based on the day of purchase. If you have registered your product through MySony with the correct purchase date or if you had service on your product with us before, we will be able to recognize your product and will give an accurate warranty end date.
  • If you have a 5-year Extended Warranty which is pre-registered between your dealer and Sony, you will not see the warranty end date correctly reflected until you have contacted us to personalize your contract and provide us with the exact purchase date. Once this is done, our Warranty Checker will show the correct warranty end date. Otherwise you will be asked to enter your purchase date on top of your model name and serial number, after which our system will show you your default warranty duration.
  • The Warranty Checker page needs to match the original country of purchase: make sure to select the appropriate country.
  • Dealer warranties are not included in this calculation.
  • If you have bought an extended warranty from Sony and activated it with us, we will show the warranty end date based on your extended warranty.
  • Our Warranty Checker tool will look at different aspects of your product: a Sound bar HT-XF9000 is composed of SA-XF9000 and SA-WXF9000, which is a component of the sound system. The same goes for kits: the ILCE-5100L is a combination of ILCE-5100 and SELP1650. Please make sure to enter the component name to know your warranty and not the kit or system name.
  • We may still need to activate your new TV in our system if you’ve recently purchased it with a 5-year guarantee. If you’ve noticed your extended warranty has not been displayed in our warranty checker tool, please contact us.